Pulse: Digital Trust

Increase operational security, protect the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of digital data, guarantee the protection of privacy, while simplifying the deployment of cybersecurity strategies. (c) P.Jayet/CEA
Due to the rise in cybercrime, cybersecurity of the Internet of things (IoT) is a major challenge for digital trust. Strengthening and hardening critical embedded, increasingly interconnected and smarter systems is now vital.
– New smart and intrinsically secure nanocomponents to reinforce systems resistance against future cyberattacks
– Improved security of smart embedded systems throughout their life cycle (including AI algorithms)
– Safer deployment environment through digital ID, data sovereignty and secure interactions between smart systems.
Develop and test new security features for components and systems in three fields of application: Industry 4.0, Homecare and Robotics.
CEA, Diabeloop, Grenoble-INP, Inria, Schneider Electric, STMicroelectronics, UGA

Point of view: “To live in a trusted digital world” by Vincent Cachard