Linking technologies R&D platform

IRT Nanoelec is developing R&D platforms focusing on connected mobility and in-home healthcare and other home services. The purpose of these platforms, which are available for use by IRT Nanoelec corporate and academic partners, is to get innovative products integrating the latest advances in microelectronics to market faster.

The platforms centralize a number of different tools and resources and provide a broad range of real-life testing environments. In other words, the platforms are the perfect place for product developers to prototype a new product or service idea, experiment with new product features, demonstrate the added value linking technologies can bring to a given industry, or assess an innovation’s technical performance.

The “green building” provides residential and commercial building environments and a variety of indoor modelling and testing spaces (a room, a corridor, a section of a factory, a warehouse, etc.) for building automation, lighting, and other communicating objects and systems used in these kinds of environments. The facility also includes urban outdoor spaces where tomorrow’s communicating street fixtures and other systems can be installed and tested. .



> Key figures

  • Founding partners: CEA-Leti, Grenoble University Joseph Fourier School of Science, Inria, Schneider Electric, Inéo, STMicroelectronics, Bouygues
  • 500 sq. m of office and lab space dedicated to development and integration
  • 1,300 sq. m. of fully-instrumented testing facilities (replicating indoor and outdoor spaces)
  • 3 proprietary R&D projects; support for 4 Easytech projects
  • 7 patent applications filed since 2012
  • 2 R&D partnerships with innovative start-ups (ISKN and Avalun)
  • 4 corporate R&D contracts