Linking technologies R&D platform

Nanoelec has an experimentation platform dedicated to the prototyping, evaluation and validation of interconnected technological solutions for transport, housing and health. Operated as part of the Nanoelec / Pulse program, the Liaison Technologies Platform (PTL) is installed at the heart of the Minatec site of CEA Grenoble. With more than 1,300 m² of technical platforms and instrumented roads, the PTL allows the creation and evaluation of demonstrators in conditions closest to reality in a digital trust issue.
• A scalable and fully reconfigurable closed building ensuring the confidentiality of developments. This zone allows the simulation of living spaces (home, hospital room), within which new digital systems are implemented, to test their reliability, safety and ergonomics using tools guaranteeing the ‘interoperability and interconnection in a cybersecurity framework.
• An outdoor area makes it possible to experiment with urban mobility scenarios in conditions close to an urban road network, in particular with a Zoe vehicle instrumented as part of the “autonomous vehicle safety” project.
Available to lead projects with IRT Nanoelec partners, the PTL offers two main functions to partners associated with technological needs:
• a development space to carry out innovative proofs of concept in order to meet technological needs and / or uses
• an experimentation space to test the functionality and performance of demonstrators in realistic environments (urban space and living rooms)
The PTL is supplemented by:
• a connectivity evaluation laboratory to emulate and evaluate the propagation channels,
• a safety characterization laboratory for electronic components and systems.

The replica of an apartment stay at the PTL (c). P.Jayet/CEA
The replica of a nursing home room at the PTL used for senior care programs (c) P. Jayet/CEA
Inturmented Zoe test car operated for the “Autonomous vehicle safety” program on the PTL instrumented traffic lanes (c) P.Jayet/CEA
View of the embedded intruments devices in the Zoe test car of the “Autonomous vehicle safety” program at the PTL (c) P.Jayet/CEA
Exterior view of the platform dedicated to connection technologies (Nanoelec/PTL)
(c) Et Hop ! Studio/CEA (Bruno RAMAIN)