Platform for Advanced Characterisation (PAC-G)

PAC-G is a dedicated gateway giving the micro- and nano-electronics industry quick and easy access to some of the world’s most advanced characterisation facilities. We are unique, offering a single, unified access point to large-scale facilities such as synchrotron- and neutron-based sources. This gives us an extremely broad portfolio of individual characterisation techniques, complementary in nature, that we can offer our clients.  Please visite the PAC-G specific website for more information.


Large instruments are offering unparalleled performance for advanced characterisation of electronic objects. However, access to these instruments was designed for expert users, which is frequently the case among academic researchers, but less so among industrial users. (c) P.Jayet
CEA plateform for nanocaractéristion/PFNC. (c) Dominique GUILLAUDIN/CEA (Malverpix No Comment Studio)