Smart Imager program

The aim of IRT Nanoelec’s Smart Imager program is to develop the technologies needed for the next generation of imagers, which will allow the transition from image generation to the analysis of the information included in these images, on the very sensor itself, in order to perceive a scene, understand the situation and intervene on it. Read more here.

The transition from imagers to vision sensors is generating new market opportunities – Read more here.
To provide key hardware and software building blocks, to validate them through demonstrations ranging from test vehicles and proofs of concept to the prototyping of a smart, multi-layer imager
• Stacking/3D technologies, embedded AI and data management,
• New architecture
CEA, Lynred, Prophesee, Siemens EDA, STMicroelectronics, Grenoble INP-UGA
From imaging to vision sensing (c) DR