Technology Dissemination Program

Promoting the adoption of emerging technologies in new applications fields. (c) P.Jayet
Sovereignty in the electronics industry requires efficient dissemination of innovative
components and their adoption by national and European integrators and end-users.
To identify weak signals from the market and to accelerate the time to market of technologies developed by Nanoelec partners with fast prototyping and tests as well as access to merging markets.
• To help component and software manufacturers better understand the needs/
possibilities of new applications.
• To provide companies, notably SMEs, with information to plan ahead for the arrival of new technologies.
• To contribute to the ambition of re-industrializing France and Europe
• Strengthen investor confidence with IRT industrial partners
Captronic/Jessica France, CEA, GEM, Grenoble INP-UGA, Lynred, Minalogic, Prophesee, STMicroelectronics
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