Photonic Sensors Program

Along the optical sensors procurement chain (c) P.Jayet/CEA
New sensor opportunities based on large scale 300mm silicon photonic technologies. Read more here
Enrich our photonic prototyping and industrial platforms with key building blocks enabling new sensors to address Medtech, Environment, Consumers goods, Mobility (Lidars) and Computing
• Miniaturize sensors
• Diversify the fields of applications
• Manage the integration of thousands of functions on the same chip
• Increase technology readiness level using CAD tools and enrich our device library including performance corners, fabrication process flow
Almae, CEA, CNRS, Siemens EDA (ex. Mentor Graphics), STMicroelectronics
Christophe Kopp, Director of Nanoelec/Photonic Sensors program & Head of the Section of New Photonic Applications at CEA-Leti © P.Jayet/CEA

More on issues & context of the Nanoelec/Photonic Sensors program, here.