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Imaging technologies are serving an ever-increasing number of applications in a endless variety of fields. However, choosing and testing the proper systems for a given context can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with new generation sensors, or when your organization is not accustomed in imagers’ uses and their integration. Greater is the challenge when several heterogeneous sensors have to operate in parallel and data has to be processed on the fly and post-processed.

Component manufacturers want to be at the heart of issues that may arise in the field. Their ambition is to anticipate future uses that can affect product development roadmaps in line with end-user requirements.


Led by a CEA team and from an IRT Nanoelec initiative, Addvisia technology diffusion HUB animate a community of interest about multimodal and multispectral imagery to explore the full potential of combined imagers and identify new fields of application.

At the heart of the hub, an easy-to-access, up-to-date, multi-imager testing platform. This modular platform bring together technology suppliers, integrators and users around common objectives:  to better understand why and how imagers can be combined for new uses, in an agile experimentation environment.


Addvisia was created to explore the possible applications of innovative imaging solutions. The project is led and developed by a team of the Y.SPOT Labs, CEA Grenoble’s open innovation center, in the frame of IRT Nanoelec.

Addvisia gathers CEA, STMicroelectronics, Lynred and Prophesee for technical aspects and Cap’Tronic, Minalogic and Grenoble Ecole de Management, for promotion, business network activation and product development assistance.


The first ever multi-imagers testing platform

The multi-imagers testing platform enables any company with a problem likely to be solved by multimodal and multispectral imaging to quickly test the validity of a solution, as soon as possible before to be engaged in an integration project.

Modular and upgradeable, our platform integrates cameras exploring a wide range of spectra and modalities: visible, near infrared, short wave infrared (SWIR), thermal infrared (LWIR), event sensors, time of flight (ToF), global shutter… in spatial and temporal synchronization.

Imager typologies

What is an imager?

Global Shutter

Time of Flight (Tof)

Event sensor

Short wave infrared (SWIR)

Long Wave infrared (LWIR)

Currently on the platform



Snake SW








Prophesee Gen4 (available soon)

System architecture


Our offer, adapted to the upstream phases of R&D projects

Discover at a glance the latest imagers from our partners ST Microelectronics, Lynred and Prophesee in operation at the heart of your applications, and use the data from our pretotyping phase (pre-Proof-Of-Concept) allowing you to validate or invalidate the relevance of the solutions envisaged.

Thanks to our ultra-mobile, flexible imaging platform and our technical team, we make recordings on your sites or in simulated environment in our laboratory. Then we perform a preliminary analysis of the data acquired to provide you the recommendations you need to qualify the contours of your future imaging hardware and software system.

Testing process


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How does a test with the platform take place?

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I heard of System Lab, is there connection between System Lab what is Addvisia?


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