#INWED24: [PODCASTS] Discover the impact of women in the nanoelectronics industry

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On the occasion of#INWD24 International Women In Engineering Day, Nanoelc progrma dedicated to Human Capitla & Trainign Design provides tree radio podcats produced by the chair Omen é Economic renewal at Grenoble-Ecole de management (GEM) with tree expert.es from Siemens.

These podcasts are powerful pedagogical tools that enrich the training of students and professionals by providing diverse perspectives, models of success, and insights into skills and innovations in the nanoelectronics sector. They offer a multitude of educational benefits.

  • Raising awareness of diversity and inclusion: testimonials from women working in nanoelectronics help to deconstruct gender stereotypes and encourage diversity in scientific and technological fields. Listeners can identify with these role models and be inspired to follow similar careers.
  • Knowledge of professions and skills: The podcasts offer a detailed insight into nanoelectronics professions and marketing in this sector. By explaining the necessary skills and associated responsibilities, they help students and retraining professionals to better understand the career opportunities available and the skills they need to develop to succeed in them.
  • Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship: Flore Gouaux’s journey as an “innovation broker” illustrates the importance of innovation in technological development. Listeners learn how new ideas are implemented and promoted, encouraging an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.
  • Developing communication and leadership skills: The podcasts demonstrate the importance of communication and leadership in complex, technical environments. By listening to the experiences of women leaders, listeners can acquire strategies and skills to become effective leaders in their fields.