Large scale instruments for characterisation program

Large instruments are offering unparalleled performance for advanced characterisation of electronic objects. However, access to these instruments was designed for expert users, which is frequently the case among academic researchers, but less so among industrial users. (c) P.Jayet
The unmatched performance of large-scale instruments to perform advanced characterisations of electronic components and devices has to be made known to industrial users. Read more on issues and context of the carac program here
Develop a competence center for testing radiation hardness of electronic components.
Continue to make unique scientific instruments & methodologies available to serve the new challenges of the electronics industry
CEA, CNRS/LPSC, ESRF, ILL, Schneider Electric, Soitec, STMicroelectronics, Iroc Technologie
Nanoelec/Characterisation’ program is headed by Ennio Capria, Deputy Head of Business Development at the ESRF (c) P.Jayet/CEA

Ennio Capria, Director of Nanoelec/Carac program, sheds light on the issues and context of the Nanoelec/Carac program.