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WonderICS: Hardware-in-the-loop platform for cybersecurity


The WonderICS platform – installed within Nanoelec at CEA at the end of 2020 – consists of a hardware-software co-simulation environment designed to alert the public and professionals to the cybersecurity threat to industrial control systems and experiment with innovative security solutions. The platform integrates simulators to emulate physical processes for different use cases such… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Défi-Ino : designing an environmental and societal impact diagnostic for companies


As the trend in Europe and France towards the circular economy dips, sustainable innovation or “Eco-innovation” is becoming a key factor in competitiveness for companies. Nanoelec, in collaboration with ITE Ines.2s, is developing a flash diagnostic for the innovation projects run with SMEs, mid-caps and startups, under the Easytech initiative, run by Minalogic. Elise Monnier… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Accurate occupancy data to assist smart building management


A brand new product of Schneider Electric might be a game changer in the journey to net-zero carbon buildings. It has been introduced in April 2022, and brings high-performance people-counting features, developed through an innovative partnership led in the framework of Nanoelec by STMicroelectronics, Schneider Electric and Lynred. On April 2022, Schneider Electric presented SpaceLogic… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

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