[WEBINARE] Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe, Human-oriented Industry

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Nanoelec/Pulse program supports Earashi –Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe, Human-oriented Industry-, project through CEA . Earashi project launch open calls in 2022 to select 10 projects distributing 2M€ among them. The selected projects should address one of Earashi’s 10 challenges defined by the Earashi Advisory Board, and address Earashi’s overall scope :

  • Support the industry in the uptake of advanced digital eco-responsible technologies (AI, Data, and Robotics).
  • Support workers in their daily activities and improve their working conditions (safety, health, and well-being) leading to a productivity increase.
  • Adopt a worker-centric approach by considering worker well-being and health at work (e.g. MSD and stress), design thinking methodology of production machines, worker acceptance, and Ethics

New funding opportunities are available for you or the start-ups and SMEs in your network. Earashi is an EU-funded project under the framework of the Horizon Europe programme and is offering cascade funding of up to 200,000 euros for each Application Experiment that will be selected.