IRT Nanoelec News

Enerbee wins Ernst & Young Public’s Choice award and the French government’s Global Innovation Award in the energy storage category (Easytech program)


Grenoble-based startup Enerbee was founded in 2014. The company, which enjoys close ties to IRT Nanoelec, developed an innovative microgenerator—the only device in the world capable of harvesting the energy from a moving object, even when movement is slow and irregular, to power the object. Enerbee benefitted from the IRT Nanoelec Easytech program. ... Read more »

Technosens wins Digital-In-Pulse (Easytech program)


Technosens won the Digital-In-Pulse 2015 award in the smart buildings category. The startup, which had previously won a French Ministry of Research award, once again earned kudos for its revolutionary e-lio system, developed in conjunction with IRT Nanoelec. e-lio is pioneering advances in solutions for the silver economy by enabling made-to-measure responses for enhancing wellness and care for the elderly on the booming homecare market. ... Read more »

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