3DVLSI open Workshop

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Close to 60 people took part in the sixth 3DVLSI Open Workshop, held on 15 oct., 2019 as a satellite event of the IEEE 2019 S3S conference (San José, USA). Organized by CEA-Leti, IRT NanoElec and Qualcomm, the workshop has been dedicated to High Density 3D-IC and CoolCube (Monolithic/Sequential 3D) technologies. “We are enabling the setup of a complete ecosystem that takes the technology from design to fabrication”, said Séverine Cheramy (CEA-Leti), Director of the 3D integration program at IRT Nanoelec who opened the working session. “After six years, this workshop has become a forum for industrial partners and the 3D ecosystem to share research & development progress in making innovative High Density 3D technologies a truly feasible path towards 3DVLSI industrialization for reliable and cost effective products.” Communications were given by scientists and engineers from CEA-Leti, STMicroelectronics, EVG, SET, Mentor Graphics – all members of Nanoelec 3D integration program – as well as zGlue, LAM Research and Applied Materials. “Since the first 3DVLSI open Workshop organized in San Diego back in 2014, we have seen presentations from Qualcomm, Applied Materials, ARM, Atrenta, Cadence, CEA-Leti, GeorgiaTech, Global Foundries, HPE, Intel, Mentor  Graphics, TSMC and many more…”, Cheramy underlines. Rendez-vous in 2020 for the Seventh edition !