Report on ECTC 2016

IRT Nanoelec attended ECTC 2016 held in Las Vegas from May 31 to June 3, 2016. ECTC is a major international IEEE event focusing on packaging. This year’s conference brought in 1,455 attendees. The event provided an excellent opportunity to present the early results of research conducted on our InTact demonstrator for HPC and high-density… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Benchmark report on open innovation programs and resources completed

The PULSE program (user-centered development of bridging technologies and business support services) took a closer look at open innovation practices around the globe in a recently-completed benchmark study. IRT Nanoelec’s PULSE program recently conducted a survey of R&D centers with multidisciplinary and open innovation resources. The study was global, with a particular focus on Asia…. Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Easytech at SidO Internet of Things trade show

The SidO professionals-only IoT trade show was held in Lyon on April 6–7. The event brings together IoT professionals from across Europe to help businesses imagine new uses for the connected objects of the future and make the IoT an economic reality. The IRT Nanoelec Easytech program, run by Minalogic, attended the event with several… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Demonstration of laser and modulator integration on a photonic chip

One of the main objectives of the IRT Nanoelec Silicon Photonics program is to integrate multiple optical functions onto a single circuit. Specifically, the goal is to integrate a laser source and modulator to create a high-speed transmitter. An initial demonstrator based on the research of Thomas Ferrotti, a PhD candidate conducting research at CIFRE,… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Groupe Brunet recently cut the ribbon on an autonomous building in collaboration with IRT Nanoelec; the building has its own energy, water, telecommunications, IT, and wastewater treatment systems.

The idea for the Zest (Zone d’Expériences Sociales et Technologiques) autonomous building demonstrator was hatched around three years ago by a multidisciplinary team of philosophers, sociologists, economists, and artists brought together by the MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory®. The 70 sq. m prototype was then developed under the aegis of the IRT Nanoelec PULSE program. Zest combines… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Study results: safety and security know-how in high demand

Strategy consulting firm Katalyse recently completed a survey of safety and security for connected systems and objects that revealed high demand for training programs and know-how in these fields. Safety and security risks are the number-one hurdle to the adoption of connected and embedded objects—ideal targets for the main kinds of threats. When it comes… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Participants talk about Easytech meetings

Nathalie Martinez, Zin la conciergerie I met an Easytech representative at the Connected Objects trade show in Lyon. I have a legal background and, in order to grow, I really need someone to give me insights into the technology aspects of my business. The people at Easytech are approachable, and that really matters. I was… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Measuring the socioeconomic impact of IRT Nanoelec

IRT Nanoelec has initiated a project to assess the socioeconomic impact of its activities. The assessments, planned for 2017 and 2020, will factor in the contributions of several experts using different but complementary methods. To ensure that the assessment is both collaborative and participatory, IRT Nanoelec held an initial meeting on February 2 at Grenoble… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

The three-question interview with: Alain Merle, Head of Strategic Marketing, Security, Leti

Cybersecurity the latest IRT Nanoelec research field Why is Cybersecurity important, and why now? Information technology is becoming pervasive, enabling more efficient management and new services in everything from industrial systems in the energy, transportation, and telecommunications sectors to systems closer to individual users in fields like home automation and health and wellness. Cybersecurity is… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Benchmark report on open innovation programs and resources

IRT Nanoelec took part in a benchmark survey of open innovation programs—both national and international—that aimed to gather as much information as possible to complete an internal survey and determine the scope of the future IRT Nanoelec PULSE/Open Innovation Center (OIC) user-centered technological innovation platform. The survey also served to identify initiatives worldwide with which… Lire la suite » ... Read more »