Participants talk about Easytech meetings

Nathalie Martinez, Zin la conciergerie

I met an Easytech representative at the Connected Objects trade show in Lyon. I have a legal background and, in order to grow, I really need someone to give me insights into the technology aspects of my business. The people at Easytech are approachable, and that really matters. I was nervous about presenting my projects to an audience of engineers, but I got some great feedback. The experts sitting at the table with me challenged me and drew my attention to issues that I had not previously considered. I went into the meeting very unsure of how it would turn out and worried about my ignorance of all things technological, but it was really stimulating. I have identified new possibilities for myself as an entrepreneur. Most of all, I learned how to get started: I now know what resources I need to find and which doors to knock on. I still have a long road ahead of me, but I have overcome some personal stumbling blocks, obtained feedback, and identified people I can turn to for support. And that is huge. Today, I am part of a team capable of moving forward with our project, including seeking out funding.”

Nathalie Martinez