The Technology Innovation Management Lab at Grenoble Ecole de Management

Grenoble Ecole de Management and private-sector training company Korus developed an initial version of the TIM Lab (Technology Innovation Management Lab). This immersive learning space dedicated to technology and innovation management leverages collective intelligence and phygital experiences. Housed at GEM Labs, TIM Lab is open to members of both organizations’ ecosystems, including the IRT Nanoelec… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Silicon photonics results presented at SPHPC 2019

Silicon photonics holds great promise for future high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The second SPHPC conference on high-performance computing was held on May 29 and 30, 2019 in the United States, under the aegis of HPe, the University of Colorado, and Polytechnique Montréal. Benoît Charbonnier, who heads the IRT Nanoelec silicon photonics program, was a guest… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

SAMBA helps mainstream hearing-impaired students

Grenoble-Alpes University IDEX (Initiatives of Excellence) and IRT Nanoelec financed a project to create innovative services to enhance student life. One of their objectives was to help mainstream hearing-impaired university students. Researchers from the University and CEA Tech joined forces to develop a solution combining hardware and software. Based on an assessment of hearing-impaired students’… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Easytech at Chamber of Commerce Innovation Day

The Villefontaine (Isère) Chamber of Commerce Innovation Day is a great opportunity to meet with local innovation partners. On average, the event brings in around 200 people, half of which represent businesses, for one-to-one meetings with innovation partners (financers and technical experts). A total of 300 one-to-one meetings were held in 2018. Innovation Day is… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Easytech at IoT trade show SiDO

IRT Nanoelec’s Easytech program once again exhibited at IoT trade show SiDO this year, on April 10 and 11 in Lyon. This year marked the fifth edition of SiDO. The event broke down silos between technologies, showcasing the latest development not only in IoT, but also in AI and robotics from technology bricks to complete… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

IRT Nanoelec present at Activage Day with the Isère General Council

On March 7 the Isère General Council hosted a conference entitled “Aging well through innovation: Challenges and outlook from Isère to Europe” attended by Laura Bonnefoy, the General Council’s Vice President for Disability and Independent Living, and Michel Wolny, Director, IRT Nanoelec. The conference took place during a workshop for the Activage consortium (49 partners… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

IRT Nanoelec partners with lab Ampère

The IRT Nanoelec PowerGaN program has formed a partnership with lab Ampère on power electronics built from components made from gallium nitride epitaxied on a silicon substrate (GaN/Si). PowerGaN is currently developing a first generation of 650-volt discrete GaN/Si switches (one transistor or diode per chip). Ampère will help pave the way toward a next… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

IntAct, an avant-garde demonstrator chip to overcome the challenges of HPC

IntAct is IRT Nanoelec’s chiplet on active interposer. Applications that have particularly high performance requirements—servers and microservers for high-performance computing and hardware accelerators for embedded systems are just two examples—are often built on multicore architectures. These architectures demand increasingly modular circuit designs (to adapt the number of cores). At the same time, circuits are getting… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

The three-question interview with: Sylvie Menezo, Founder, Scintil Photonics

Tell us about your project! Scintil Photonics was founded to develop and commercialize a technology for integrating lasers onto silicon integrated circuits developed by Leti and IRT Nanoelec. This technology brings enormous potential for innovation, especially in optical communications. More importantly, it is compatible with commercial silicon microelectronics foundries. This is crucial, because our vocation… Lire la suite » ... Read more »