Plexus interactive, immersive educational demonstrators

The Plexus learning suite to be released by Grenoble Ecole de Management in October 2016 in partnership with IRT Nanoelec will feature eight totally redesigned, reinvented, and revamped course modules that will provide an interactive, collaborative, immersive learning experience based on real innovation projects.


Plexus’ eight course modules cover a range of topics, from forecasting, benchmark studies, creativity, design, marketing, business models, sales, and operations to supply chain, project management, and experimentation.

The entire program takes full advantage of our connected world to support learning, with students either using or studying the latest technologies for emerging uses. Grenoble Institute of Technology, CEA Tech, Inria, and several partner companies are taking advantage of the program to experiment with ideas, secure and speed up development, and create new training courses.

By the end of the Plexus program, learners will have acquired skills in:

  • Innovation marketing (assessing the potential value of a technology for emerging applications): approaches to creativity, innovative design, marketing, and business models
  • Project management and innovation, with a focus on joint projects and, specifically, large-scale experiments involving strategic partners and requiring CapEx and OpEx management, financial reporting, and coordination skills
  • Business management (from department to business unit to company), with skills like forecasting change in fast-paced environments and identifying needs for new business models

The Plexus “connected store,” for example, recently received visitors attending the High Level Forum (a strategic nanotechnology event) on September 26. Visitors were able to see first-hand how students are rethinking retail sales, leveraging collaborative creativity and using connected lighting developed by SLMS (Schneider Lucibel Managed Services).