IRT Nanoelec collaboration with G2ELab

The IRT Nanoelec POWERGAN program recently began working with Grenoble Institute of Technology’s G2ELab on GaN/Si (gallium nitride epitaxied on a silicon substrate) power electronics.

G2ELab, Grenoble Institute of Technology’s power electronics lab, has joined the POWERGAN program. The arrival of this new member will push POWERGAN to new levels of excellence and support the program’s education and training objectives.

G2Elab, which has earned the recognition of the international scientific and industrial communities, will bring the POWERGAN program state-of-the-art know-how in the co-design of innovative power converters that spans electrical and thermal simulation, and electronics design, packaging, and testing.

In addition, G2ELab will be able to use technologies developed by POWERGAN (components, packaging, simulation) in its research and will undoubtedly find inspiration in the challenges identified by the other POWERGAN program partners.

The first topic G2ELab is addressing as part of the POWERGAN program is controlling electromagnetic disturbances generated by the very fast switching of GaN/Si components.