12/08/2021 - Promoting the adoption of emerging technologies in new applications fields

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The economically tense conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic reveal more than ever the need to help companies become more competitive. As far as the digital transition is concerned, technologies and components are focused on a few mass markets and companies sometimes lack the information and the inhouse skills to integrate new technologies. Yet, these technologies are indeed opportunities to expand their offering and strengthen their commercial position. With the Technological Dissemination program, the partners in Nanoelec are promoting and accelerating the dissemination of emerging contents in a variety of application fields; they are drawing more particularly on R&D skills in imaging, artificial intelligence, embedded software and electronic systems design. The program comprises two initiatives:

  • The aim of the System Lab initiative is to exploit components developed by the main partners involved in R&D programs at Nanoelec, primarily in the field of imagers. New applications are being explored.
  • In the Easytech initiative, we make advanced electronic building blocks accessible to very small, small and medium and mid-cap business, including those whose core business is anything but digital. The aim is to enable them to take the digital transition on board, to increase the added value of their products or improve their manufacturing processes.

Discover our Technology Dissemination program at a glance, by clicking here.

Sandra Tochon, co-director of Nanoelec/Tech Dissemination program, in charge of the SystemLab initiative (c) P.Jayet/CEA Elvir Mujic, co-director of Nanoelec/Tech Dissemination program, in charge of the EasyTech initiative (c) P.Jayet/CEA