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// Webinar // July 6, 2020

Beyond high-performance computing (HPC) & data centers, Photonics technology is now ready to addresses also application in Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Automotive & Transportation, Smart city, Cybersecurity, Food & Beverage, and Medical Care. Optical sensors are well known for accuracy, sensitivity, selectivity, versatility, and speed of acquisition. Thanks to the development of integrated photonics, next generation of optical sensors will also improve compactness, lightweight, and low consumption.

During this webinar, after a glimpse of future prospects, Nanoelec speakers will share their latest results & performance obtained in integrated photonics technology: 300mm R&D and industrial fab, ultra-low loss waveguide, multi wavelength layer engineering with several waveguide materials (Si, Si3N4, SiGe, …), III-V material engineering and laser source integration, advanced electronic design automation tools and wafer-level testing.

Replay and access to the documents: click here.

Easytech @SIDO2020

// Cité Internationale de Lyon // 3 & 4 septembre 2020

Les animateurs du programme Nanoelec/Easytech seront présents au à Lyon pour le Sido2020 – Laboratoires de recherche, bureaux d’études, fabricants de composants, d’objets intelligents, de robots, designers et intégrateurs de solutions, institutionnels, groupements, etc. L’ensemble de la chêne de valeur des trois écosystèmes est représenté pour favoriser les coopérations et répondre aux demandes des donneurs d’ordre sectoriels, en proposant des solutions intégrées de bout en bout.


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