8/12/2021 - Cheap and low power optical communication systems

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Quentin Wilmart (CEA-Leti, contributor to the Nanoelec/Photonic Sensors program) recently received the Young Research Award at 2021 International Conference on Solid State Devices & Materials (SSDM). Quentin unveiled the very first integration of an hybrid III-V laser on the backside of a Si/SiN wafer. « To de-bottleneck data centers, it is beneficial to replace conventional electronic communication with optics, because it’s cheaper, faster, and perhaps more importantly, low power », underline Wilmart, whose work pioneers mass-market silicon photonics-based transceivers.
« Our work has been conducted in the frame of Nanoelec and a contributionof CEA-Leti to the H2020- Cosmicc project (2015-2019). With the objective to build cheap, low power optical communication systems, the project focussed on developing silicon microchips embedding photonic integrated circuits, which can send or receive high data volumes at very high speed conveyed by light in optical fibers. »

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