21/04/2021 - My IoT commits stakeholders on sustainable electronics

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My IoT is a discovery serious game has been created by Nanoelec and Need project (Idex Grenoble-Alpes University): The game is a support for interactive sessions with students & professionals involved in electronics design. The goal of the game is to raise awareness and initiate an evolution of mentalities and behaviors regarding the impacts of the globalized micro electronic industry in a simple, creative and engaging way. This game invites participants to take a bird’s eye view of the electronic industry, and playfully discover each stage of the smartphone life cycle, and the associated ecological & social impacts. Through dialogue in breakout groups, participants share their knowledge to create the smartphone life cycle. Next, they match illustrated impact cards to each phase of the lifecycle: from extracting the minerals needed, to the manufacturing process, distribution, retail & brand marketing, to the use and disposal of the smartphone.


Playing My IOT, the participants are engaged in a collaboration that aims to discuss the impacts of the IoT production chain accessible through simple and fun documentation. © P.Jayet/CEA

My IOT is a serious game designed and realized as a demonstrator by Idex UGA-Need for IOT cross disciplinary program and Nanoelec. Physical as well as digital version commit dialogue between different stakeholders in a roleplay: designers, manufacturer, seller and final users of an IoT. © P.Jayet/CEA