The three-question interview with Sven Salomon, Head of R&D Partnerships, EasyMile

  • You recently became an IRT Nanoelec partner. Tell us about your company.

EasyMile was founded in 2014. We combine state-of-the-art software engineering and robotics tools and practices to develop innovative driverless vehicle solutions. EasyMile designed, developed, and commercialized the EZ10 driverless shuttle—a public road transportation solution that is practical, economical, and environmentally friendly. Today, EasyMile is among the leading global companies on its market, with customers in more than 29 countries. The company has 120 employees and dedicates more than 70% of its resources to driverless system software research and development. EasyMile’s core business consists of:

– Developing driverless system software for vehicles operating on the open road.

– Integrating the technologies we develop into different vehicles to respond to a wide range of use cases.

– Developing methods for rolling out fleets of driverless vehicles efficiently and safely.

The autonomous vehicle market is very competitive and innovation-intensive. EasyMile has to stay ahead in terms of technology. Because of this, we feel that our new partnership with the members of IRT Nanoelec is strategic for us.

  • What do you feel you can bring to IRT Nanoelec and to the PULSE program?

EasyMile has acquired in-depth knowledge of the issues inherent to autonomous vehicle operation (use cases, critical scenarios, etc.). Our knowledge could help inform IRT Nanoelec partners seeking to expand the scope of the tools they develop. EasyMile will also provide the partners with access to its autonomous vehicles, which can be used to test software developed under the PULSE program.