The three-question interview with……… Mathieu Duprez, Founder & CEO, Mu-Test

  • Why did you turn to the Easytech program?
  • Mu-test has major and ongoing technology development needs. For a very small company like ours, Easytech is a very good financial compromise that positions us to develop a product or explore a technological choice while controlling R&D spending over the long term.
  • How has it helped you?

    The first project we engaged in with Easytech began with exploratory research and ended with proof-of-concept testing of a communications solution. The second project led to a finished prototype. Without Easytech, we never would have taken the financial risk these development projects represented.

  • What role did Easytech’s support services play?

    We took advantage of Easytech’s technical, project management, and managerial support for both projects. Of course, our involvement was critical from a technical standpoint. However, we were able to turn some of the project management responsibilities over to Easytech. The Easytech team assigned to our project (an academic researcher and a project manager) constantly made recommendations to help us overcome technical hurdles.