The three-question interview with: Eric Cheminot, CEO, Bag-Era


   – What business is your company in?

Bag-Era is an IT engineering firm that focuses on digital transformation, operating security, and the synchronization of distributed and other complex systems. We also design and develop gateway solutions to connect and synchronize various hardware and software throughout the enterprise, either locally or via cloud-based services.
   –  Why partner with IRT Nanoelec?

IRT Nanoelec is the first IRT in France to spin off startups, and Bag-Era is one of them! Partnering with IRT Nanoelec gave the business start-up process a boost for us and helped us get our foot in the door with other partners. Plus, there are so many new ideas and opportunities to meet new people—that is good for any startup!

  – How will IRT Nanoelec continue to bring your company added value going forward?

First of all, IRT Nanoelec has already helped us get in with major corporate partners like Bouygues, Schneider Electric, and STMicroelectronics, where we have done some “life-sized” case studies. The smart parking demonstrator system set up permanently at the CEA and a Silver Economy project are two examples. Working with big names gives our startup’s technology—developed with the CEA—credibility. The ideal win-win situation would be a three-way partnership, with a corporate partner (with a need to be met), IRT Nanoelec for early-stage research, and Bag-Era for integration, implementation, and industrial scale-up. IRT Nanoelec will continue to serve as a matchmaker of sorts, helping make the introductions and build the relationships required for these kinds of partnerships to take root and grow.