Small- to mid-sized businesses and IRT Nanoelec

IRT Nanoelec recently held its third meeting of the year on small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and IRT Nanoelec. The meeting was well-attended, with a slate of speakers presenting the broad range of local initiatives to support small- to mid-sized businesses in Grenoble.

Bruno Rague, Associate Director, IRT Nanoelec, kicked off the meeting with a reminder of the ways in which IRT Nanoelec can help small- to mid-sized businesses create value.

Véronique Péquignat of the Grenoble-Isère Economic Development Agency (AEPI) provided an update on the area’s digital-industry SMBs; she highlighted the industry’s huge contribution to local job creation over the past 20-plus years.

Eric Mottin, representing Minalogic, explained how the Easytech process (an IRT Nanoelec initiative administered by Minalogic) can help SMBs with innovation projects integrate smart capabilities into their products. Easytech support includes individual meetings with expert consultants. To date, more than 130 businesses have received support in areas from electronics to marketing.

Vincent Lagnier spoke about Easytech partner Cap’Tronic, which introduces participating SMBs to relevant Easytech partner labs and helps make sure any R&D projects are set up on a solid foundation through targeted technical audit and consulting services. Some 3,500 participating businesses received services in 2015.

Céline Soubeyrat from CEA Tech institute Leti wrapped up the meeting with a presentation of the R&D services available at the institute, the methods used to manage R&D partnerships, and the facilities specially-tailored to business’ needs (a single point of contact, relations with other CEA labs and institutes, demonstrators and/or prototypes, and the technology showroom).

Vue Générale participants 2

Download the day’s presentation slides here: