Report from Semicon Europa and IoT Planet

IRT Nanoelec attended the Semicon Europa and IoT Planet trade shows, which were held simultaneously in Grenoble on October 25–27, 2016.

Leti’s booth at Semicon Europa featured seven themes, including one dedicated to IRT Nanoelec’s programs. The three-day event gave us an opportunity to showcase our 3D integration and silicon photonics programs.

 semicon1  semicon2

Easytech, an IRT Nanoelec program, exhibited at the Minalogic booth at IoT Planet. Minalogic, a digital technology cluster serving the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, is a member of IRT Nanoelec and partner of the Easytech program. A total of 46 members exhibited at IoT Planet, which provided a wonderful opportunity to promote the support Easytech can bring to member SMBs and startups.

CARAC2016 Workshop

Industrial corporations and SMBs can benefit from Grenoble’s world-class large scientific instruments. However, these businesses are often unaware of how they can gain access to the facilities, what information they can obtain, and how much it costs.

Grenoble is home to a range of powerful characterization equipment unique in France. IRT Nanoelec organized its CARAC2016 workshop on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 during the Semicon Europa trade show to answer business’ questions about the large instruments. A presentation of Grenoble’s characterization equipment and IRT Nanoelec training was given, and tours of the facilities were offered the following day.

Evénement CARAC2016