Report from Digital for All Meeting

A special Digital for All Meeting (Journée citoyenne du numérique) was held on July 4, 2016 in Grenoble. French Secretary of State for Digital Technology Axelle Lemaire and French Parliamentary Representative for Isère Geneviève Fioraso toured the CEA Grenoble technology showroom and the IRT Nanoelec indoor technology platform.

Ministre + GF + MNS
Marie-Noëlle Semeria, Director, CEA Leti; Chair of IRT Nanoelec Steering Committee
Geneviève Fioraso, French Parliamentary Representative for the Isère District
Axelle Lemaire, French Secretary of State for Digital Technology

Secretary Lemaire met with the heads of startups spun off from IRT Nanoelec like ISKN, which is now manufacturing a product that captures motion in real-time for digital handwriting, and Motion Recall, which is making a virtual reality product unlike anything else on the market today.

Secretary Lemaire also toured the Silver Economy platform, home to advances in digital technology to drive assisted living solutions for the elderly and disabled. A number of solutions are currently on the drawing board at the platform: Chabloz is developing a digital knee prosthesis; Diabeloop is working on an artificial pancreas to improve quality of life for patients suffering from chronic disease; a sleep patch is being developed as a minimally-invasive monitoring solution for chronic respiratory failure; and solutions to detect incidents in patients’ homes are being investigated.
Also at the Silver Economy platform, the IRT Nanoelec PULSE program staff presented in-home instrumentation techniques that can help keep the elderly living at home longer. They focused on the SilverLab project, a joint R&D initiative involving the CEA, Inria, Grenoble-Alpes University, and Schneider Electric to come up with home instrumentation solutions for the elderly. One advance that has come out of this project is an infrared sensor with powerful thermal imagers capable of detecting abnormal activity (like falls), developed in conjunction with Schneider Electric.

Test home used to assess the performance of commercially-available sensors.

IRT Nanoelec also set up a booth to showcase our partners’ technologies: STMicroelectronics’ ORLY processor; the CEA’s PLUME chip; Avalun’s LabPad and MiniLabPad; ISKN’s Slate; Technosens’ e-Lio assisted-living solution; and the CEA’s Actisens sensors.