PULSE program’s bridge technologies platform gets new cybersecurity unit

On September 17, 2018, IRT Nanoelec hosted visitors from the Swansea University Digital Economy Center.

They had an opportunity to discover IRT Nanoelec’s new cybersecurity unit, part of the PULSE program’s bridge technology platform.

The tour was organized by INRIA’s Philippe Broun, and gave the visitors an opportunity to learn about the PULSE program and, especially, the Autonomous Vehicle Safety project, a pillar of the partnership between INRIA and CHERISH-DEC. The PULSE program’s bridge technology platform, which got a new cybersecurity unit in 2017, was also part of the tour.

The bridge technology platform is home to state-of-the-art equipment, including a V400 focused ion beam probe and test benches capable of characterizing system (components, communicating devices, etc.) vulnerabilities in detail, and countermeasures developed under the IoT Component Security project.

The platform will receive additional tools for characterizing the vulnerabilities of industrial equipment later this year.