Prophesee joins IRT Nanoelec consortium

A new partner entered the IRT Nanoelec consortium in June 2019: Prophesee

Prophesee develops imaging systems based on event detection. The company’s technology, initially developed for research in physics and medicine, is inspired by the human eye and brain and powers imagers and an artificial intelligence solution for objects and machines. Like the human retina, which sends changing information to the brain, Prophesee’s technology can record changes in each pixel individually.

As a new member of the IRT Nanoelec 3D integration program, Prophesee will contribute additional know-how that will broaden the field of potential applications for 3D hybrid wafer-to-wafer bonding with fine interconnect pitches (< 5 µm). The new technologies developed by Prophesee will meet the needs of future generations of imagers.