PAC-G and Serma Technologies sign partnership agreement

The Nanoelec characterization program has reached a major milestone. The program kicked off in 2013 with investments designed specifically to help microelectronics companies and, more broadly, systems integrators, access the large scientific instruments at Grenoble’s ILL, ESRF, and, later, CNRS/LPSC with support from the CEA and user companies STMicroelectronics, Schneider Electric, and Soitec. Once the initial investments had been made, innovative characterization services (in part financed through the French government’s economic stimulus package) were set up during the 2014-2016 period. Since 2016, the program’s top priority has been to get these services out to microelectronics industry stakeholders. Resources were allocated to creating a viable business model for the platform developed (PAC-G) and to building an appropriate partnership to develop the business. A detailed analysis was completed, and the partners of the IRT Nanoelec characterization program began talks with Serma Technologies, a leader on the characterization market. A long-term, win-win partnership agreement was signed. The partnership’s objective is to position PAC-G to substantially develop the sale of competitively-priced characterization services over the next few years, ensuring a return on the government’s initial investment in this IRT Nanoelec program.