New Technical Manager degree program launched

The new Technical Manager degree program offered by Grenoble Institute of Technology and Grenoble Ecole de Management with the support of IRT Nanoelec has launched. The program gives technicians an opportunity to earn a degree equivalent to five years’ post-secondary study and acquire both technical and managerial skills. Two technical majors are available: microelectronics; or energy systems efficiency and applications. The 20-month program includes 650 hours of training, alternating one week on campus and one week at work. 

Graduates of the program will be prepared for positions in a variety of fields (building energy efficiency, smart buildings, energy grids, electrical systems and sustainable development, and microelectronics and embedded systems) and will have acquired the know-how to keep their organization ahead in a fast-paced environment.

The program culminates in a six-month group project that students complete using the GreEN-ER Smart Homes and Monitoring Platform’s ARTFUL workshops, backed by IRT Nanoelec. The project groups of four include students from both technical majors. Innovative teaching methods are used focusing on project consulting and reviews. Participating companies can also suggest project topics.

In 2015, students built energy-monitoring units for small commercial spaces, watering, and electric vehicle charging. The projects address both technical aspects (embedded IT, microelectronics, IoT, energy metering and analysis, etc.) and business aspects (market research, business models).

The first cohort to participate in the program (class of 2016) enrolled twenty students, nine in the energy systems efficiency major and eleven in microelectronics; the class of 2017 has ten students in the microelectronics major.