IRT Nanoelec sponsors RESSI information systems security conference

The third RESSI conference on information systems security was held in Autrans, in the Vercors mountains near Grenoble, from May 17 to 19, 2017. The popularity of the event confirmed the community’s desire to grow.

The RESSI conference on information systems security brought in 81 attendees (20 PhD candidates, 11 from industrial companies, and 3 from institutions), and all of the relevant centers for education and research were represented (Toulouse, Brittany, Nancy, UTT, INSA Centre Val de Loire, INSA Lyon, Eurecom, Telecom Sud-Paris, Grenoble-Alpes University, Ensicaen, and CEA Tech institutes List and Leti). What makes RESSI conferences so attractive is the variety of content on offer, from PhD and other research presentations and presentations of papers accepted at major conferences (NDSS, S&P, CCS, etc.) to security-related teaching experiences. Schneider Electric’s Jean-Michel Brun gave a talk about IT/OT convergence and its implications in terms of security. The program also included two tutorials and panel talks on IoT security issues and IS security research. Finally, the attendees participated in a technical challenge where they had to keep an online retailer safe from attacks.

RESSI 2017 was sponsored by Thales, Schneider Electric, IRT Nanoelec, CEA Tech institute List, Grenoble-Alpes University, and Persyval-lab (a recipient of the national Laboratory of Excellence seal). The sponsors made it possible to offer a particularly special price to PhD candidates. The event was also certified by the CNRS pré-GdR IT security research initiative.

Based on the positive feedback received from all, the organizing committee has decided to hold another RESSI conference in Nancy, France, in May 2018.