IRT Nanoelec partner Mentor Graphics wins award

“For the third-year in a row, Mentor, a Siemens business won 3DInCites’ EDA Supplier of the Year Award. 3DInCites is a publication dedicated to coverage of the 2.5/3D IC industry.

The award is not only for the products Mentor creates for companies designing and manufacturing 2.5/3D ICs, but is also for Mentor’s efforts to grow the overall 2.5/3D ecosystem via its OSAT Alliance program. Mentor partners with other companies to develop design, verification and test flows and delivers Assembly Design Kits (ADKs) so customers can more reliably design, manufacture and test 2.5/3D devices. The core Mentor product for 2.5/3D is Calibre 3DSTACK. Calibre 3DSTACK’s initial product validation occurred as part of IRT Nanoelec’s 3D European program.

“Mentor continues to deliver solutions to the semiconductor ecosystem as it evolves from a Moore’s Law-based industry to truly being “More than Moore,” stated Juan Rey, vice president of engineering for Mentor Calibre. “Moreover, delivering such solutions in a timely manner would not be possible without industry-driven projects like IRT Nanoelec that create an environment for rapid product validation.”