IRT Nanoelec partner in the SureWash project

IRT Nanoelec is a partner in the EU SureWash project through the CEA.

SureWash recently announced a research partnership with Intel, IRT Nanoelec (through Leti, a CEA Tech institute), and Blumorpho to develop a smart sink that improves hand hygiene in healthcare and food preparation.  The SureWash smart sink will measure the completeness of hand washing by healthcare and kitchen staff, and will issue a warning if any parts of the hands have been missed during washing.  The SureWash smart sink will then give instructions on how to improve hand washing technique.  It will also gather data in real time on hand hygiene quality. The data can be used to manage the risk of cross-contamination in hospitals and kitchens.  It is expected that the technology will be available as a service by Q3 2019.