IRT Nanoelec conference: Nanoelectronics for new building services


IRT Nanoelec partners attended the latest IRT Nanoelec conference. The conference provided an update on our studies of new building services conducted under the PULSE program.

The Activage project, presented by the CEA, will implement and experiment with connected solutions for assisted living. The project also includes acceptability studies,  implementation and business models for the solutions. The Activage consortium is made up of 50 partners from seven European countries.

The project’s work on Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology provided an opportunity to talk about IRT Nanoelec’s partnership with Schneider Electric. VLC leverages LEDs’ capacity to switch on and off rapidly to transmit data (off for 0 and on for 1—the standard digital communication protocol). Data transmission speeds are in the MHz and, in some cases, GHz.

IRT Nanoelec partner Schneider Electric presented an integrated home-automation solution for assisted living applications.

Business school Grenoble Ecole de Management presented its Plexus (Projects as Learning EXperience for Unity and Society) project, which offers suites of learning modules that address all of the managerial skills required during the early stages of the innovation process.

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