IRT Nanoelec attends inter-IRT meeting on artificial intelligence

The meeting, held on March 20 in Paris, is part of a strategy to develop an inter-IRT initiative on artificial intelligence, with the ultimate goal of supporting enterprises in order that they integrate this technology into their products and services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used across virtually all industries, with applications in transportation, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, logistics, finance, retail, and more. Whether it is for cloud computing, driverless cars, or the Internet of Things, AI requires powerful algorithms to deliver effective, reliable responses personalized to each user.

Artificial intelligence depends on both hardware and software and draws on know-how from a variety of fields (electronics for data collection and neural networks; IT for data processing and deep learning; and mathematics for data analysis models).

See the CEA website to learn more:

The IRTs are already involved in multi-partner research projects using artificial intelligence.

Finally, artificial intelligence is an incredibly broad field. The IRTs, with their respective focuses and areas of expertise, are capable of addressing the development of a variety of IA technologies as well as IA applications to improve the performance of France’s high-growth markets in industries like transportation, energy, manufacturing, multimedia, and environmental services.