IRT Nanoelec attends 2018 International Cybersecurity Forum on January 23 and 24 in Lille

The purpose of the International Cybersecurity Forum (Forum International de la Cybersécurité) is to generate new insights and provide a forum for discussion with the overriding goal of promoting a European vision of cybersecurity. Amid the Single Digital Market and upcoming regulations targeting the protection of personal data, the Forum has emerged as Europe’s leading digital trust event.

IRT Nanoelec was represented by Cap’tronic and Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Esisar school of engineering. The CEA was also on hand, exhibiting in a dedicated research area with members of the Allistene Alliance.

Cap’tronic took advantage of the event to unveil the expanded print version of its guide for SMBs on the cybersecurity of connected objects and systems (PME : Comment maîtriser la cybersécurité de vos objets et systèmes connectés). The guide, an IRT Nanoelec initiative, was produced with the support of ANSSI (France’s national agency for information systems security) and contributions from some fifteen organizations. It includes best practices in the cybersecurity of connected products and systems and is designed to help SMBs and startups in particular ask smart questions so that they can develop coherent cybersecurity strategies. Users will learn about all of the security-related issues they should be considering, get an overview of the available solutions, find out about the applicable laws and standards, and identify relevant partners. The guide (in French) is available as a download here:

Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Esisar school of engineering showcased its know-how and educational and training programs in the field of cybersecurity, with a particular focus on the TRUST Chair of Excellence founded in partnership with laboratory LCIS and a consortium of corporate partners from a variety of industries (GRDF, Ingenico, Innovista Sensors).