IRT Nanoelec at CES Las Vegas

IRT Nanoelec and its partners attended CES Las Vegas (the Consumer Electronics Show), the world’s leading consumer-electronics-industry event. The four-day show, held on January 5–8, 2017, welcomed 180,000 visitors.

Several life-sized demonstrator systems were on display, including the Sigma Fusion demonstrator that IRT Nanoelec helped to develop.

Sigma Fusion leverages an IRT Nanoelec-Leti technology to respond to the challenges of fusing data from sensors to automate environmental perception for driverless cars.

The Sigma Fusion demonstrator processes information transmitted by sensors (a stereo camera and two Lidar laser-detectors), transforming the data from multiple entries relative to distance into clear information about the driving environment. The technology fuses and transmits exhaustive data to the driverless car’s autopilot system, providing all of the necessary information to ensure a reliable assessment of the amount of space around the vehicle for risk-free driving.

The purpose of this type of demonstrator system is to solidly anchor IRT Nanoelec’s founders’ credibility on the high-performance ADAS market and facilitate partnerships with car makers to develop the perception systems they will need for tomorrow’s cars.