IRT Nanoelec 2018–2020 roadmap in the works

The year 2017 marks a turning point for IRT Nanoelec. It is this year that we will draw up our 2018–2020 roadmap and ensure that our course for the next two years remains consistent with our longer-term (2021–2025) goals.

The process began with a preparatory phase within each of IRT Nanoelec’s programs to determine new program roadmaps for 2018–2020 with IRT Nanoelec partners.

Each program’s objectives were then presented to the Steering Committee at a meeting in early July.

The Steering Committee approved the programs’ objectives.

The major research topics to be addressed by each program were then determined. Detailed research project content and budgets will be the next step.

The new roadmap pursues IRT Nanoelec’s current research topics. Objectives have been adjusted to respond to changing markets and, among initiatives to boost innovation, a new program, “Power GaN,” will address components for power electronics.

All of these changes will position IRT Nanoelec to continue to grow beyond 2020.