Fun, Lego-like blocks to show how 3D circuits work

Lego-type blocks are a great way to show how 3D circuits work. Thanks to new assembly (3D integration) technologies developed at Leti, circuits can be juxtaposed and stacked at will inside the same enclosure.

The building-block-type strategy can be used to assemble different circuits, each with its own unique or generic function, and each made using the most appropriate CMOS technology. The benefit of this type of assembly is that you get the best performance out of each technology, lower manufacturing costs, and, because the interconnections between circuits are shorter, reduce energy consumption.

An interactive demo (for use on devices like tablets) and basic circuits similar to Lego-type blocks were created as a fun, easy way to explain how these circuit architectures work. Users can also assemble the “blocks” and use the results to discuss how relevant the technology is and how it can be used. The demo has already been used at several trade shows and with IRT Nanoelec industrial partners.

Lego 3D NoC