Leti Innnovation Days 2023

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From 27 to 29 June 2023, Nanoelec supports the event Leti innovation Days that annual gather in Grenoble the community for R&D in microelectronics.

> Full program of the event is here

> Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity: Opportunities and threats of emerging technologies (workshop), with participation of Vincent Cachard, Director of the Nanoelec/PULSE program. More info on the workshop here

> Photonics: From processing and computing to sensing (workshop), co organized by Nanoelec and chaired by Eleonore Hardy, Deputy-Director of the Nanoelec/Photonic Sensors program. Read more on the workshop here

> Forum Area, a pleasant & convivial stage to report on disruptive success stories, co organized by Nanoelec with :

  • Philippe Vernin | Technic: IC industry: driving innovation and sustainability in wet surface preparation processes
  • Mathieu Oliveri | Terradona: Cliiink is the first sorting habits reward program in France
  • Francis Raimbert | Atim: eGreenSensor: autonomous IoT LoRa current sensor, non intrusive, no battery
  • Xavier Allanic | Digigram: Audio solutions for critical communications
  • Benoît Dupont de Dinechin | Kalray: An innovative processor architecture for AI at the edge
  • Giorgos Fagas | Ascent+: Access program to European infrastructures for nanoelectronics
  • Antoine Kuhnast | Safehear: The augmented ear, an innovation for industry and many other applications
  • Armelle Pin | CEA-Liten: Maximize energy efficiency while minimizing CO2 impact with CEA’s energy optimization tool
  • Vincent Casillas | SiPearl is building the European low-power HPC dedicated microprocessor for exascale
  • Andrea Busch | Agence Grenoble-Alpes: Discover why international companies choose Grenoble Alpes
  • Daniel Saias | Asygn: Wireless and batteryless sensing
  • Hani Kanaan | Dracula Technologies: 3D Free shape Printed OPV panels for self-powered IoT systems
  • François Simoens  | SteerLight: Game changer in 3D sensing with highly compact Si photonics FMCW LiDARs
  • Pascal Pierron | Ardeje Printing: Detecting and weighing drops of welfare in a concentrate of technology
  • Pierre Francis | Cixi: Chainless pedaling device for active, automotive grade mobility
  • Pierre Jallon | eLichens: Air Quality Solutions, smart gas sensors and stations
  • Jean-Sébastien Moulet | Wormsensing: Design and fabrication of integrable vibration sensors for predictive maintenance
  • Laetitia Friès | Isra Card: Fab-as-a-service: prototyping & manufacturing of flexible printed electronics
  • Philippe Andreucci | Inject power: Ultra miniaturized rechargeable micro batteries for implantable medical devices
  • Maxime Rumpler | Aniah: New algorithm for transistor-level, electrically accurate full chip analysis