Digitizing Europe’s industry together

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It has been widely recognised that the availability and fast upgrade of digital skills in European industry will be vital for the future of the European economy. European companies who do not grow and update their digital skills will not be able to fully take stock of future opportunities arising from advances in fields such as artificial intelligence, future networks and mixed reality.

Mid-Caps, SMEs or startups interested in developing smart applications in Europe may apply to the first call for application of the European Project DigiFed. Cordinated by CEA-Leti and involving IRT Nanoelec Pulse program, DigiFED aims facilitating Fast-Track adoption of cyber-physical systems (CPS) by companies, by providing grants of up to 55K€ as well as technical and business support. By opening opportunities for cross-border collaboration within Europe, DigiFed enlarges the scope of  the Nanoelec EasyTech program, dedicated to French partners. The first open call for application of the DigiFed H2020 European project is running.