Pulse | Cybersecurity : Demonstrator for the industry

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Nanoelec teams presented the developments made within the framework of the Industrial IoT Security project of the Pulse program during the International Cybersecurity Forum (January 2020, France). They have a platform to raise awareness of vulnerabilities, the risks of cyber attacks and the challenges of cybersecurity for industry and to demonstrate the cybersecurity of industrial and tertiary systems intended for industrialists in the field (Energy, OIV:vital operators, etc.). They are able to offer solutions based on technological developments in security by hardware design (“security by design”). “Our demonstrator enables the implementation of a digital twin of the protection circuit of an electrical transformer. We can also simulate attacks on an industrial network, propose hardware countermeasures for securing said network and deploy security parameters from a connected tablet, under Android operating system “, explains Pierre-Henri Thévenon, holder of the project at CEA-Leti.

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