PowerGan(Power components)

Power electronics is a pervasive enabling  technology of electrical power systems used in the distribution and the conversion of electrical energy. It addresses a very large spectrum of power applications ranging from very high power ( power lines distribute Giga Watts) to low power ( a few Watts required for powering a smartphone ) and is therefore an enabler of energy efficiency savings objectives of many societal challenges. Its multi-billion of dollars economics is spread along the value chain from discrete power devices to power converter systems on multi-sectorial markets : home appliances, office and personal equipment, communication, lightning, manufacturing automation, automotive, electrical motors.

> Objectives

PowerGan goal is to develop a new competitive key enabling  GaN on Silicon power technology that will allow major breakthroughs in terms of power converter energy efficiency and power density.

> Key points

  • Supported by a 200 mm technological platform and a design platform, PowerGanobjectives are to:
  • Demonstrate industrial transfer readiness of a GaN/Si 200 mm technology of high performance and high robustness GaN/Si power components (transistors, diodes )
  • Explore new advanced architecture of power devices and their related technological building blocks
  • Adapt GaN/Si power technology to standard packaging and explore advanced packaging techniques
  • Study and evaluate  innovative GaN/Si enabled power converters topologies

> Partners of the consortium ‘PowerGan’