PowerGan (Power components)

GaN power devices may be just around the corner. However this achievement requires more R&D efforts. (c) CEA
Support and accelerate the development of a new generation of power components to address digital and energy transition challenges.

Contribute to the structuring of the national GaN value chain with a research strategy based on disruptive GaN/Si power devices using 200 mm technology and GaN enabled power converters co-design tools and techniques.

Prepare 650 V transistor technology transfer to STMicroelectronics and establish proof of concept for a PowerGan Digital Twin.

CEA, Grenoble-INP, Schneider Electric, Siemens EDA, STMicroelectronics
Raphael Salot, Nanoelec/Powergan Director & Key Account Manager at CEA (c) P.Jayet/CEA

Point of view: “Preparing the next generations of 650 V converters”, by Raphael Salot.