IRT Nanoelec well-represented by its partners at Semicon Europa

Two of IRT Nanoelec’s founding industrial partners, SET and EVG, attended the four-day Semicon Europa trade show in Munich on November 14–17, 2017. They showcased the latest upgrades to their 3D integration equipment.

SET exhibited at Semicon Europa, held in parallel with the Productronica trade show at Munich’s Messe München expo center on November 14–17, 2017. SET showcased two of its machines, the ACCµRA M and FC150. The company’s sales team also had many opportunities to discuss SET’s partnership with IRT Nanoelec with visitors and update them on the fast, ultra-precise direct-molecular-bonding hybridization machine under development. A prototype of the machine was installed in a Leti cleanroom this summer where it is available to IRT Nanoelec partners for the many series of qualification tests that must be completed.
The Characterization on Large Instruments program presented its new lineup of services created by IRT Nanoelec in conjunction with PAC-G (Platform for Advanced Characterization Grenoble). This new organization pools the resources at the ILL neutron beamline, the ESRF synchrotron, the CEA nanocharacterization platform, and the subatomic physics and cosmology lab (CNRS/Grenoble-Alps University). PAC-G offers advanced characterization services to support innovation in micro and nanoelectronics through IRT Nanoelec and is financed by the French government’s economic stimulus package through the French National Research Agency (grant no. ANR-10-AIRT-05).

Last but not least, Marc Epitaux of Samtec presented some of the results obtained by the IRT Nanoelec photonics program in a talk titled “Silicon Photonics for Mid-Board Optical Modules”.