Eco-design in the R&D phase: Eco-Displed

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In parallel with the R&D actions of the Displed program, Nanoelec is launching an R&D phase eco-design project, in close coordination with Aledia.

Some Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tools are available, although they require a stabilized production framework and access to large volumes of data. The aim of the project is to implement an eco-design tool as of the R&D phase, appropriate for a sector that is not yet mature and devoted to Smart Pixel technology for the production of new-generation displays. To address the electronics needs, this will consist in adapting a method and a tool already developed by CEA-Liten for photovoltaics.

The tool can be used to evaluate the environmental gain from innovative solutions with regard to the choice of materials, components
or procurement routes, by comparison with a reference process. An LCA of the reference sector based on standards 14040 and 14044 requires recent inventory data offering the optimum representation of the Smart Pixel concept. Data collection will rely on a bibliography as well as on interviews with experts. They will be supplemented by analysis of data from the EcoInvent international database, accompanied by calculations and estimations specific to the study.

The year 2021 was devoted to configuration of the action. The CEA-Liten method was assessed with regard to Nanoelec’s requirements. Operational implementation is under way in 2022.