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The Pulse* collaborative innovation program addresses the development of “linking” technologies from a use perspective and provides support to businesses seeking to develop innovative products and services integrating the latest advances in microelectronics for in-home healthcare, home automation, and transportation.

Whether it is coping with the aging population or making better use of energy, society is currently facing some unprecedented challenges. And more efficient use of micro and nanotechnology can help provide the linking capabilities needed to help heterogeneous objects communicate with users and each other—the key to powering new information-driven services.

However promising these linking technologies may be, they have been slow to spread. This is due mainly to business’—especially small and mid-sized—difficulty accessing the technologies and a lack of clear examples of the benefits and opportunities the technologies can bring.

A comprehensive approach is needed to ensure that linking technologies effectively speed the development and commercialization of innovative products. Businesses must be able to access the tools and know-how they need, and they must have a place where they can innovate, improve, and assess the value of their products in real environments and from a use perspective.

> Objectives

In terms of technology, the PULSE program was set up to facilitate the design and development of interconnected technologies calling upon the entire information chain from sensors through to the use of data gathered from heterogeneous connected objects.

The Pulse program drives technology transfer and enhances business’ competitiveness. Businesses get an opportunity to understand how technology can help them better meet customer needs, while researchers collect valuable information that enables them to draw up technology specifications that align with manufacturers’ requirements—making the program a win for both!

> Partners of the consortium ‘Pulse’

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*PULSE: Programme Usages des technologies de Liaison et Soutien aux Entreprises