Top news: Activage project Testbed Lab now up and running

IRT Nanoelec has created a Testbed Lab for research conducted under the EU Activage project ( – The lab is being operated under the PULSE program.

The new lab replicates a patient room in a nursing facility and has additional areas that simulate an elderly person’s residential home. The lab will be used to implement, test, and complete functional validation of various connected technologies (specifically, IoT sensors) in realistic situations. The solution being assessed was developed based on a needs analysis conducted by TASDA (a cluster for in-home healthcare and assisted living) and the Isère General Council with the goal of keeping the elderly in their homes as long as possible. The assessment will focus on safety, patient confidentiality, and interoperability (using the SensiNact platform developed by the CEA). The advances made will also help identify any issues that could arise when installing the future solution and minimize any risks. Once the testing phase has been completed installers from the FFD (France’s home automation industry association) and healthcare professionals from the Korian-Les Granges ( clinic will be eligible to receive training at the lab. The first installations of the solution are expected by the end of 2017.