Results of IRT Nanoelec photonics program presented at Photonics West

IRT Nanoelec gave a presentation and a paper on its silicon photonics research at Photonics West (February 2–7, 2019 in San Francisco), the world’s leading photonics-industry event.

The presentation highlighted the excellent results (1 dB of optical losses) achieved in recent research on nanostructured network photonic chip-fiber coupling:

“Fiber grating coupler development for Si-photonics process design kits at CEA-Leti” (invited presentation): David Fowler, Philippe Grosse, Fabien Gays, Bertrand Szelag, CEA-Leti (France); Charles Baudot, Nathalie Vuillet, Jonathon Planchot, Frederic Boeuf, STMicroelectronics.

The paper showed the latest results of III-V laser integration on silicon research, including the introduction of a CMOS-compatible two-level planar back-end process:

“Advances on large-scale integration CMOS compatible hybrid III-V/Si laser on 200mm platform” (invited paper): Bertrand Szelag, Karim Hassan, Philippe Rodriguez, Laetitia Adelmini, Pierre Brianceau, Elisa Vermande, Antoine Schembri, Marie Christine Roure, Christophe Jany, Brigitte Montmayeul, Loïc Sanchez, CEA-Leti (France).